For the entry of dogs Italy requires:
The EU pet passport and the mark with chip.
Tattoo must be accepted only if it has been proven before 03 July 2011 and is perfectly legible.
Valid rabies vaccine that is at least 21 days old and still valid for 11 months or ~ 3 years, depending on the vaccine.
Carrying a muzzle is compulsory, invest where there are many people and on official request.
There is an extensive linen obligation (in public places, in public transport etc.). This is not seen so closely here in the hinterland. In the nature parks, however, you should stick to it.

Here "the dog must not hinder the driver". Whether with crockery, box or separation grille does not matter, in theory, a passenger in the back seat, which can make sure is also ok (but remains unsafe interpretation thing ...).
Two or more animals in the car are allowed in boxes, suitable containers or otherwise clearly separated from the driver by grids or nets to the rear area of the car (including rear seats).

In the months of June to September, there is a government ban on dogs on the beaches. More and more communities now make use of their right and set up dog beaches (with access to the water, even for the animal!).
From Rimini via Pesaro to Fano there are about 20 "Baubeaches" (dog beaches). In part, however, the number of approved dogs is limited or the animals are not allowed into the water. I try to be up to date and can advise you accordingly.
On the many rivers of the Apennines there are no problems at all with dogs.
Here you can find my map with dogs friendly places: -> Dog friendly

We want your animals to stay healthy ... and can assure you, that neither leishmaniasis nor tick-borne diseases are common in our area. This is different in the sea near areas of the south and as well in areas, where many dogs are gathered. Nevertheless, a reasonable precaution is recommended, ask your veterinarian best.
If a mishap happens ... my veterinarian cared for my animals for 28 years very lovingly and with expertise.

Above mentioned is compiled to the best of my knowledge. Responsibility for accuracy and timeliness I can not accept.

in Ca'Agostino BnB

Midsummer is no problem for animals either: In the fenced garden of Ca 'Agostino there are plenty of natural shade spots, a dog bath is quickly set up. The Foglia River and several ponds nearby provide more refreshment for dogs.
We have explored various beautiful, largely shady walks in the vast forests, which we recommend. These include stages of the trail "Italia 1" on the crest of the Apennines. Here in the high tree forest you will find lookouts to Tuscany and the Marches and an always blowing breeze.