Walks and hikes from Ca'Agostino lead on hardly traveled roads, mainly in the promising heights, but also by the widespread scrub forests and past cultivated fields to the next villages. In spring, the green of the fields and forests is breached by the white of the blossoming acacia trees. Soon, broom and red clover begin also coloring the landscape. The dress of summer is characterized by strong yellow, ocher and brown of ripe and harvested fields. If you take your time in spring, you will encounter a rich flora with wild orchids, gladioli ...

At the lake of Mercatale (Sassocorvaro)

Carpegna and Sestino are starting points for hikes in the 'Parco Naturale Regional Sasso Simone e Simoncello' (up to 1204 meters) and on Monte Carpegna (1400 m). The -> Park offers a remarkable variety of plant and animal species and one of the world's largest oak forests "Quercus cerris". Hiking maps are available.
At the edge of the park there is an adventure playground suitable for children.
The latter also applies to the Furlo reserve, a spectacular gorge with interesting bird life.

Camminata Sasso Simone

A rich birdlife can be found in the Natural Park –> Monte San Bartolo north of Pesaro ... favored by the rugged cliff of the mountain and the Mediterranean vegetation. There are several natural beaches within walking distance.

Camminata Sasso Simone

Below Ancona, the –> Parco del Conero offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.
In between rank the well-known endless sandy beaches of holiday brochures.
Scattered dog beaches allow even in summer four-legged friends and owners swimming in the sea.

Beautiful dripstone formations and one of the world's largest natural halls characterize this cave. -> Frasassi

Camminata Sasso Simone

Personally I like bathing and swimming in the limpid water in Apennine creeks, among rocks, waterfalls and vegetation. Directions are available.

Rinfrescarsi al Auro
... in Montefeltro area

Anyone who moves with open eyes in our region, meets at every turn unexpected and edifying. See this small compilation of the most important highlights.